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November 9, 2011

Major Projects Proceed At Indiana Freemasons' Hall

The Indianapolis Masonic Temple Board Association has secured a $250,000 loan to complete numerous projects around Indiana Freemasons' Hall that will improve the Temple aesthetically and structurally, as well as improving our energy use and safety, and providing new services for our members. The many new projects approved by the Temple Board include:

• New energy-efficient windows for the whole building.
• Repairs to steam traps and improvements to the condensate system that will allow the boiler to operate more efficiently.
• Repairs to the ventilation dampers which will allow greater airflow and exhaust of heat in the summer.
• Installation of internet, phone and cable TV wiring to all floors.
• Plaster restoration and ceiling repair on the 7th floor from damage caused by a 20 year water leak, which has been repaired.
• Replacement of wall sconces missing from the 7th floor.
• Complete renovation of the fire escape, including replacement of the rusting decking with new galvanized decks.
• Extensive repair of exterior limestone spalling.
• Complete renovation and modernization of the 2nd floor kitchen, with new, modern appliances, a new commercial dishwasher, larger ice machine, paint and flooring.

Because of the nature of the loan and the repayment structure, this will make up the total of our discretionary spending for new projects for several years, but it means we are able to accomplish it all in a much shorter period of time. Upon completion of these projects, the total spent on building improvements in the last five years will exceed $800,000. The Temple Board certainly welcomes any financial assistance lodges or individual Masons may wish to contribute to these and other projects. Tax-deductible donations may be made to our 501c3 corporation with checks made out to Freemasons' Hall Inc. and mailed to the Indianapolis Masonic Temple Association, 525 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.

These are in addition to the many renovations undertaken around the building by the various lodges and the Commandery which have gone far to improve the appearance of the third, fifth and seventh floors. Freemasons' Hall looks and functions better today than it has in literally decades. Much credit goes to the Building Superintendent Randy Spaulding and to Board President James Dillman, who spend untold hours caring for the building, crawling through ductwork, tracing down hidden plumbing lines, or beating up contractors for the best prices for us.

In other news around the Temple, the Grand Secretary's office has temporarily moved to the third floor while the office is gutted and completely remodeled. Both the Scholarship Board office and the state office for Indiana DeMolay have recently moved into the Temple. The international research origination, the Masonic Society, also leases space in the building, along with the Masonic Relief Board of Indiana and the Indiana Masonic Home Foundation.

The Library and Museum on the 5th floor will be open in time for Founder's Day. New cases are being installed, along with dramatic new lighting, and the Museum Board has hired two interns from IUPUI to assist with cataloguing and display ideas to preserve Indiana's priceless Masonic heritage.

Indiana Freemasons' Hall is your Temple. It is not simply the home of the lodges that meet there, but it is the headquarters of our entire fraternity in Indiana, and every Indiana Freemason should be proud of it. Like the Schofield House, the Grand Master has issued a standing dispensation so that any Indiana lodge may confer up to three degrees per year in one of its four lodge rooms without requesting special permission. Simply make a reservation for one of the rooms at the security desk.

November 22, 2011

GL of Indiana Library & Museum Opens Founder's Day

From Michael Brumback, PGM, Chairman, Library & Museum Board:

The Grand Lodge Library & Museum in Indiana Freemasons’ Hall is on track to open for Founder’s Day 2012. As of Thanksgiving week, dramatic lighting has been installed, the room is being painted to highlight exhibits, and the floors are being refinished. Our IUPUI Interns have completed the design phase of the project, and are entering the execution phase of building the exhibits. The 5th floor foyer is being updated, furniture is being reupholstered, and the new entrance will feature museum exhibits. Fourteen new display cases will be delivered in December, and all artifacts for the first displays have been catalogued and photographed, while future exhibit artifacts have been stored in compliance with archival standards. Many of our historic pictures have been digitized to be displayed on a touchscreen LCD monitor, along with numerous other artifacts for future virtual exhibits.

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