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November 3, 2007

Flag day for the south entrance

On Friday, the flagpole was reset in front of the almost-completed ramp. We are now waiting for the paving company to pave the parking lot and for the stone masons to install the limestone facing for the new stairs and ramp. There are some other minor issues to be attended to (a blue awning will be installed over the landing, a fence similar to the one recently installed at the Scottish Rite Cathedral will eventually be built on the west and south sides of the parking lot, new lighting fixtures that more closely match the ones at the west and north entrances will replace those forlorn bulbs, and a locking gate will be installed over the stairway to the basement) but we are a lot closer to finishing today than we were a month ago.

Oh, and the dirt area in front of the ramp will be landscaped as soon as we find a landscaping contractor.



I had to manipulate these a bit in Photoshop because of the deep shade on the stairs, but I don't think they came out too badly. As usual, click on the pictures for a larger view.

November 9, 2007

At last

We're not just talking about paving the lot, we're doing something concrete about it.

Even though it's actually asphalt. (Yeah, OK, I'll keep my day job.)







As usual, click to view larger.

November 18, 2007

It's like out of a lecture


"The stones were all hewed, squared and numbered in the quarries where they were raised..."

Unfortunately the stones that had been applied by the time I took this picture were covered up to keep them from freezing before the mortar set, but you can see in this picture the many numbered stones that are waiting for the operative stonemasons to set them in place. We'll have more pictures next week after the stone work is complete.

You can also see that the parking lot has been striped.

November 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Our new outdoor lighting system is getting its exercise -- if you can view this file.

Download file

(It's off a Motorola Razr, the file should open in Apple Quicktime.)

November 30, 2007

IMHF office renovations recently completed

We have been somewhat remiss in not congratulating our tenants and good friends at the Indiana Masonic Home Foundation, Inc., on the fabulous job done on their recent office renovation. We know that George Proctor and crew are very happy to be back in their space after spending the summer visiting at the Scottish Rite. (Not that visiting the Scottish Rite is bad, but the space was fairly cramped.)

A few pictures of the new digs follow. We weren't able to get a picture of the new conference room today but we'll get one soon and post it. In the meantime, this is the hallway outside the conference room. Note the new glass windows where the old cloakroom shutters used to be. A major improvement on what was there before!


Here is the IMHF receptionist's desk:


And here is part of the spacious reception area:


We did not take any pictures of the private offices but they are known to be first-class and "comfy".

As usual, click any of the pictures for a larger view.

Electric scooter donated to the Temple Board

Bro. Andy Gilbert of Centre Lodge #23 has donated a handicapped scooter for use in the building. This scooter appears nearly brand new and will certainly be a blessing to some of our less mobile brethren. The scooter will fit comfortably into the elevator. The IMTA board is very grateful to Andy for his generous donation. Contact building superintendent Steve Estle if you have a need for the scooter. It is currently being stored outside the IMTA office on the fourth floor if you would like to see it.


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